It could have been better

it should have been better.

Robbie Keane celebrates after scoring his first goal against Braga

Don’t know if I’ve ever felt so flat after an away win that saw Spurs score three goals.

Why? Well the number that was scored should have been greater added to the two that they let in. Yeah I know it’s going back to the Lane with a lead and three away goals, which Robbie is happy about.

Should really have been well up by half time, Berbatov again showing what a class player he is, in the build ups that is if not the final finish, the way he so casually glides past players. But he did go missing after half time, I figure the late kick off must have confused him as he seemed to try and swap shirts with a Braga player when the half time whistle went. He also seemed to be hobbling a bit following the break.

The two goals against were poor with the ref looking to be having a sensible game not being conned by usual Portuguese team falling over tactics but being suckered in straight away for the penalty for their first and the free kick that lead to their equaliser.

Funny how John Barnes wittered on about Lennon on the left when the opening two goals came from his play. It’s not the fact that he comes in on his right that’s the problem it’s the fact that there’s no full back bombing past him on the wing as he comes inside to give Lennon an easy out ball that’s the problem. Solution? We need a left sided Chimbomba.

Keane while not looking at his best in general link up play took his two goals exceptionally well again, thankfully getting over a bad tackle that had him limping about for a while, at the moment he’s our best finisher.

Then all said and done still unbeaten in Europe a lead and three away goals, I should be happy. Of course if the return leg wasn’t on ITV1 it would be better then those served by Smeggy STV would be able to view it and not a 20 year old “Inspector Morse”.

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