Thank you ITV

and SM(e)G and 5 and the BBC.

For making sure I didn’t get to see or hear Spurs 3 Braga 2 last night.

Thank god for YouTube so I can at least see part of the latest Dimitar Berbatov show.

Berb’s class so obvious even that dullard Wobbie Earle can see it.

I’m sure the Arabic commentator is talking about Dave Mackay about 22 seconds in here.

Another 3 goals, 23 in the last seven games, but the boss wants more, damn right we need to kill teams off, cause we can’t hang on to leads that well.

4 Replies to “Thank you ITV”

  1. Oof!
    It was the kind of game worth seeing somehow, anyhow – even if that meant having David Pleat chuntering and mispronouncing on and on in the background.
    Happily, there was no sight nor sound of the old perv in the stadium – just 30,000-plus previously-stolidly-heterosexual Spurs blokes going increasingly gooey about THAT Berba…!

    Enjoy the Rangers game instead, then?
    Sounds deathly.

  2. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the Huns in Europe, there’s only so many times those round me can hear the phrase “It’s football Jim, but not as we know it” 😉

    That Berba is certainly doing a little better than our last £11m eastern European striker.

    Good YouTube find by ya

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