It was the one team

I didn’t want Spurs to face.

And that was before they took the field with 12 men.

Spurs certainly weren’t at their best, especially in the first half after an excellent opening couple of minutes where Berbatov should have scored then Robbie Keane did.

But they didn’t deserve this ref and his bizarre antics throughout the game. We’ll see what Platini is all about as head of UEFA now if this clown keeps his position as one of their elite officials.

The penalty decision was of course the worst mistake he made all night but it wasn’t alone in the strange things he did and blew up for. Since when is it a drop ball if the ball hits the corner flag and goes out for a corner ❓ Since when are you penalised against and given a yellow card for cleanly winning the ball and never touching an opposing player, as Lee was, ❓ And since when does being sandwiched between two players not attempting to get the ball result in the sandwiched player being penalised ❓

No doubt UEFA will ignore the glaring ineptness of this clown, wouldn’t want to admit to such an error and after all one of Platini’s goals is to make the sport contact and tackle free. The kind of sanitised crap you see in exhibition matches like that to celebrate 50 years of the EU. And they’ll concentrate on the crowd trouble over the last couple of nights finding a way to try and ban English teams while whitewashing the habitual offenders of Italy and the police forces of Europe.

The one thing that can be said for the ref was he was taking my ire away from that waste of a shirt Jenas. I’m getting heartily sick of seeing him ponce around, ponce out of challenges, get caught in possession because he’s too slow of thought to know what to do before he’s miscontrolled with his useless first touch and then played someone else into trouble.

His presence also means we don’t see the best of Zokora, who has to hold back to clean up the mistakes and better players such as Malbranque are left on the bench like last night or brought off as against Reading at the weekend, when he was man-of-the-match, or Lennon last night and that waste of space muppet plays every minute of every game.

First loss in Europe this season but still 90 minutes at the Lane is the Hampden dream still alive…

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  1. If that’s a penalty, then Platini might just as well ban goalkeepers.

    Was also disappointed by JJ last night, the one player who didn’t really get into the game at all, but can see him being more dominant on Thursday. Maybe he can somehow stick to Zokora, so we get Didier’s scything runs – but someone, ANYONE else to actually shoot at the end of them!

    As for the police – well, I’m about to crawl off to bed after oh so very little sleep, but had to splurge a little on my site on the subject… Depressing, and disgusting.

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