Goodbye and good riddance

to the self styled President of Britain.

Nobody has done so much to help dumb down a country, hell I don’t think even his best chum Dubya managed it.

The man that presided over the rise of the chav, the Heat reading Jordon worshipping retards, the rise of style and presentation over substance (matching his hair styles of late) and the ever increasing dislike and distrust of politicians. Who while trying desperately to search for something to present as his legacy of messiahhood knows this is what he’s left behind.

As he goes off into the sunset to try and rake in as much cash on the lecture circuit as he can to cover the expensive tastes and mortgages his chav “First Lady” has acquired over the last decade. Never before has the electorate or parliament been treated with such disrespect.

Never before have so many individuals been promoted above their abilities because their only qualifications for the post are to be a mate of Tone or be able to stand their doe eyed looking up at their vainglorious master when spouting the pre-prepared garbage script in the most smug patronising manner.

How else can you explain the likes of the current lot Margaret Beckett, Lord Falconer, Ruth Kelly, Tessa Jowell, Des Browne, Alan Johnson, David Miliband, Patricia Hewitt, Hilary Benn, Peter Hain, Alistair Darling, Douglas Alexander, John Reid and Hazel Blears. Or previous cretins such as Estelle Morris, Charles Clarke, Geoff Hoon, Ian McCartney, Angela Eagle, Nick Brown and Harriet Harman.

They certainly didn’t get the job by being able to think for themselves or on their feet, any off script question is always met with a repetition of what they’ve been told to say that makes Paxman v Howard look like the latter is being genuine.

Never before have so many individuals represented themselves to the population as socialists to then spend their days swigging champagne hob-knobbing with “celebs” while the plebs aren’t even offered cake.

Never before has so many manifesto promises been ignored. Education, education, education people probably thought he meant his priority was to improve the standard not reduce it to such a level that kids who years back would be in the dunce class are now leaving with A levels. You need 20% to pass this exam and you get 15% for spelling your name right.

Ah but look at the economy, yes that’s a success nobody has manged to oversee the introduction of so many new taxes and then see all that money wasted. With all this cash flooding in you’d expect say for example hospitals would be in better shape, not nurses being sacked, drugs only being available depending on where you live (ie in or not in a Labour controlled area) but I suppose there’s that pensions black hole to fill somehow, christ even Captain Bob would have been hard pressed to fuck that up better. But I suppose that’s all Gordon’s fault First Lord of the Treasury wouldn’t have anything to do with that, just let his minions get on with it.

So he departs with the human letter box at his side, leaving the country in the hands of an economic disaster zone who he hopes he will fuck it up majorly as Tone hates Gord so much, with accusations of selling honours hanging over him and soldiers dying daily in foreign lands because it’s our role in the world to stamp out terrorism where ever it raises it’s ugly head, except of course those we freed and put into power over the Irish Sea and a rise in far right votes in the country.

A legacy to be proud of…and to make money from…

2 Replies to “Goodbye and good riddance”

  1. “Never before”? Tut tut, Toxic. Tut tut. Many, many history lessons required there.

    How is it Blair’s fault that people read “Heat”? Who liked or trusted politicians in the 70s and 80s? Why does everyone who criticises Blair for spin and his advisers never remember that he neither invented them nor was he the first to use them extensively in British politics? Is Bernard Ingham Blair’s fault?

    Anecdotes will always lead the opinions of more people than statistics will, but schools and hospitals ARE better than they used to be. Not that the unions of the well-paid teachers, nurses and doctors would tell you so (tho, of course, it’s not their job to -they are there to stand up for their members and they do that).

    Exams seem easier because there is more and more teaching to test, which is a by-product of league tables which were themselves a by-product of parents wanting and needing more help to judge which school to apply for when given a greater choice, choice that is a by-product of giving people the power to try to decide for themselves which school might be best for their child. You’re making me sound sooo right-wing with all this, when I’d say I’m certainly left of centre, but to blame Blair for everything that’s going wrong without mentioning anything that he’s done right (minimum wage, statutory maternity/paternity leave, leading on aid for Africa and climate change – forcing international debates to move in the right direction, huge investment in public services, lasting – fingers-crossed! – peace in Northern Ireland).

    I’d agree with some of the names you mentioned as having performed poorly, but can’t for a moment accept that – to mention only a few – Hilary Benn, Alan Johnson, David Miliband or Harriet Harman are useless (Harman’s problems in her first post notwithstanding – she’s getting better and better and is doing much unsung work).

    People use their skills and experiences in order to make money all the time – even the teachers, nurses and doctors whom we all love and respect so much – so why should Blair be any different in his post-politics career? Memoirs and after dinner speeches are the staple post-career path for any number of professions (academia, sport, business, showbiz) – should politics really be any different? If so, why?

  2. When Blair reduce political debate to appearing on the likes of Blue Peter, This Morning & GMTV that’s when.

    Nope Bernie wasn’t but the larger number than one that have been on the tax payers shilling over the last decade have been.

    Never said anything about the teachers, nurses and doctors pay yes money’s been thrown at that but still stands you don’t live in the right area you don’t get the right treatment – first hand anecdote 😉

    Climate change, you’re having a laugh you really think it was the first word in the phrase “green taxes” that appealed to him & Gord.

    Alan Johnson “There is no pensions crisis” 🙄 Benn, only good thing about him is how much his snivelling sycophancy would have pissed his dad off.

    Yes many have gone on the circuit but with Tone that was the purpose of it all, not serving the public but serving himself, his place in history his legacy and his bank account – so I would say the politial leader of this country should maybe be above those that appear in Heat.

    Left of centre, sure you weren’t one of Blair’s Babes in disguise 😉

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