Fiddling with your fantasy


I knew I shouldn’t do it, I normally don’t fiddle midweek with my fantasy baseball team.

Make changes on a Sunday, then leave them through the week except Monday’s and Thursdays when there’s less games on and I might have someone on my bench that can come in, other than that unless there’s an injury my main picks stay in.

But no, on Saturday I decided to bench Hanley Ramirez who I had underperforming at 2nd base and promote Dustin Pedroia who promptly went from a 5 for 5 with 5 RBI performance on Friday to a 0 for 5 bugger all showing. Meanwhile Hanley was getting a couple of hits, one to second and scored one run giving him 4 points.

This of course narked slightly, it was only four points, until I noticed I was fourth overall for the week by 3 points and so by my own fiddling cost me a mention on five’s baseball on Sunday and the joy of Johnny Gould mispronouncing my name. That along with the fact if the Rocket had won on Friday and I’d worked my bench better I’d have been the weekly winner – that narked a lot.

Of course it’s swings and roundabouts, a few weeks back the A’s Jack Cust was knocking in runs left right and centre while sat on my bench and Shreky McChinstrap Ortiz was stinking up my 1st base roster spot

OK I don’t know if I really want a BallPark Figure or who which Yankee legend figure I’d get but I wouldn’t mind winning it just one week, though don’t think it’ll be this one as I stand 2766th. 170th for the month and 125th overall is better so may have a chance yet though they monthly prize of a signed baseball doesn’t include any Yanks but the overall prize of a trip to an MLB game does sound not bad.

Still watching Wang pitch a cracker and A-Rod smack another homer on Sunday night slightly made up for it.

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