Here’s an idea, why not wind them up

so they really want to beat you.

The new England coaching regime have got a number of things right since they took over.

Not ignoring those outside of the inner sanctum and looking at the likes of Sidebottom (how unlucky was he in India’s first innings), getting a bowling coach who knows what it’s all about at the top level and doesn’t feel the need to tinker with the fast bowler’s action and such.

But the one thing they’ve got wrong is this “aggression” crap, yeah I’m all for a bit of up and at ’em but it doesn’t work with weeds like Anderson, quiet types like Tremlett and ‘keepers who drop easy catches.

And it really doesn’t help trying to fire the opposition up now does it when you’re on the back foot because of your inabilities with the bat.

Yeah Sreesanth took it too far with the beamer the “how many feet past the crease?” no-ball and the shoulder barge on Vaughan (still England’s best bat), it was pretty pathetic all round. As was the usual accusations bandied about by some sections after Tendulkar and Ganguly were incorrectly given out, seem to have forgot the two Monty had plum the previous evening.

And is Anderson the new Harmison, puts in one performance gets all the plaudits and then rests on it with an inept follow up, all over the place and far too often far too short. You can bang it in like that and shoulder barge opponents if you are a fearsome hit the deck get them jumping fast bowler, not a weedy medium pace swing bowler.

Is this going to be Vaughan’s first series loss as captain on English soil?

Have to say TMS was far better this match round without the witterings of Henry Blofeld or Arlo White but with Vic Marks back, though I did miss Gus Fraser.

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