The three Kings part one

Freddie King - Goin' Down

the “Texas Cannonball” Freddie King.

As mention in yesterday’s post “I can’t quit you baby…” along with Otis Rush the three Kings of Albert, B.B. and Freddie were the guys that got me really into the blues so I figured I might as well post up some of their videos as well.

First Freddie King track that got me was “Going Down” from his 1971 release “Getting Ready…” it was on a blues compilation I picked up and it blew me away, man this rocks…

Next up it was a bit of research and I had to get the album “Lets Hide Away and Dance Away with Freddy King” his 1961 disc of purely instrumental tracks that included the classics “The Stumble” and of course “Hide Away”…

Not long after I got that disc a package arrived at my door opening it I found three videos of Freddie. I’d totally forgotten I’d entered the competition by a British guitar mag and I’d won it (not the only one I won with them who unlike a certain other mag actually sent out the prizes).

A couple of shows of the big man in the 70s, not long before his untimely death and the classic clips of him on “The!!!!Beat” from 1966. That guitar style, Gibson ES strung over his right shoulder finger picking with a real rocking snap…totally hooked…

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