So much for ambition

what signal does this send out.

I couldn’t believe when I heard yesterday that Spurs had signed Jenas on for another five years, with only three days before the transfer deadline this would have been a great chance to offload a waste of space to some desperate club.

But no. Of course who would have him, even ‘Arry at Pompey hasn’t even been linked with him at any point in the summer.

So much for the chairman claiming to be ambitious, with Jenas poncing about in the position we need a leader in every game fifth is about the best we’ll manage.

I’m not too sure about BMJ’s remarks about the signing either

His goals from midfield are a vital ingredient for us and he is already off the mark this season.

I am delighted he has committed his future to the Club because JJ has so much talent and is such a positive player.

He always wants to learn and that is the right mentality to have, he wants to prove that he is a top player and the sky is the limit for him. Martin Jol

Goals, when even the likes of Lumpalard are getting 20 season, Jenas got a whole eight. A better player would score more and create more. Positive, when he brings the whole team down, nah. The limit has been reached he’s not going to improve, this is it and that’s all there is, he’s the same as when he was at the Toon. Can’t command a game, has no vision, no idea what’s going on round him, first touch is useless, second touch is a result of panic because of the first one and usually results in possession given away or a teammate played into trouble.

Why can’t he get injured like that other muppet from Ipswich via the Toon, Dyer? Obviously the bitching on here does no good, I make one post about Antonio Puerta frustrating me in the UEFA Cup Final and look what sadly happened to him, yet Jenas nowt.

Talk yesterday about Danny Murphy’s place at the club made me think how better they could be with him running the midfield, if he could do it at lowly Charlton, scoring and making goals, then think what he could have done with class players round him, he did it at ‘Pool when they won a few cups with Houllier in charge. Who wanted him at the club, Martin or Levy? I know I did. Either way why didn’t he play more?

Don’t know which of the two headlines made me laugh the most –

Harry Hotspur’s “Jenas Says His Career Will Finish Tottenham” or The Telegraph’s “England think ahead with Jermaine Jenas recall

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