It’s been a long time since

they rock and rolled…together.

What twelve years ago when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 19 years ago since the Altantic Records 40th anniversary show and over twenty years ago at Live Aid.

So the three surviving members, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant & John Paul Jones, have got together for a handful of shows since Led Zeppelin broke up after Bonzo’s death in 1980 and it’s expected they’ll get together on stage for a one off show at the dome for a tribute gig for Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun who died in December last year.

Of course Page and Plant have recorded and toured together in the 90s but there was always that little argument with John Paul Jones which is apparently now patched up.

One would have to hope it’s a better performance than the last two mentioned above, both of which were a major disappointments, with Page being especially sloppy on the Danelectro at the Atlantic concert.

One of the main reasons it took me a while to get into Zep, my first introduction was some live audio and video footage and I thought Jimmy was just too damn sloppy a player but a couple of borrowed albums later, II and IV, and I figured what the fuss was all about. As shown by the fact their currently 3rd on my artist chart as well as being third on my MediaMonkey library stats for number of tracks, though number one in terms of time with about 100 hours nearly as much as the two artists ahead of them on track numbers – The Rolling Stones & Van Halen – combined.

So I wonder how much the tickets will be fetching not long after they become available, one show and only 20,000 seats of which how many will go to actual fans? Though will it be only one show or will they be another addition to the reunion tours with the likes of The Police and Van Halen?

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