The BBC can’t be worse than ITV

when they get the Super Bowl, can they?

No doubt they’ll do their best to make the spectacle even worse than ITV’s output over the last few years. I was surprised that the BBC went for it, yes it brings in a number of viewers but they haven’t given the NFL a second thought since first shown on British telly twenty five years ago by Channel 4 – ah those one hour highlight shows with Nicky Horn and Miles Aiken shown the Sunday after the games – and it does go against all their anti-Yank bias.

I just shudder to think who they’ll get to front it, no doubt it’ll be some yoof muppet with a mockney accent or god forbid Gabby Logan who showed when fronting it for ITV that she hasn’t got a clue but then it’s no different from any sport as the Beeb’s “Inside Sport” shows she hasn’t got much of a clue about anything.

It should be a combination of Gary Imlach the one bright spot on ITV sport and Mike Carlson who has been let down again on Channel 5 by having someone out of their depth next to him fronting the regular season shows on the channel. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many ums and errs from a presenter before but in the true tradition of the programme he’ll probably not be there long.

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