Levy you disgrace

Graham Roberts Spurs captain lifting the UEFA Cup in 1984
Graham Roberts Spurs captain lifting the UEFA Cup in 1984

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Who are these muppets that run football clubs and how do they get away with it?

Just read a post over at Harry Hotspur that Graham Roberts has been left out of the parade of 50 legendary players to mark the 125th anniversary of the club tonight before the Villa game.

And Graham ain’t happy about it (That’s why I read it at Harry’s as it’s in the Daily Mail and that Prince CD edition was a one off for me 😉 ), as I imagine are most, if not all Spurs fans.

This is a disgrace and just shows what a bunch petty, snivelling little wretches Levy and his cronies are. That just because someone speaks out in support of someone the board want rid of, in this case the manager it means he is going to be wiped from the club’s history is so typical of the types of people that run the game these days. Jumped up little Stalins.

Levy, who claims to be a lifelong Spurs fan, will snub the man who lifted the UEFA Cup as the club’s captain back in ’84, made over 350 appearances for the team and is the type of leader we desperately require now but will include David Howells in a parade of Spurs legends 😯 😡

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – 50 years on and Len Shackleton was right in his autobiography about football directors.

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