Misrepresentation of the people


The Beeb had a documentary on last week in it’s series about democracy in which the bloke behind it tried to get MPs to sign up to a bill that would make it a crime for a Member of Parliament to tell a lie while doing their job.

I only saw the arse end of it but caught enough of the usual suspect slime bags – is there anything more odious than Howard and Faulkner ? – who have got us to such a state of mistrust of politicians, spitting their tea out of their noses at the very thought of being denied the right to tell porkies to the people.

Has the trust of the political establishment been so low as it is now?

Now some accuse the programme and it’s makers of tabloid TV, yes it probably was but that’s the level politicians have taken us to, what with heavy hitting interviews on GMTV, This Morning with Fat Fern and Pinch & Judy.

Yeah it might have been lazy, gimmicky TV but it’s the politicians that have brought this all about, it’s because of them their words and actions the idea that a bill to stop them lying to us sounds like something that should be brought in. It’s not the media to blame for the level of mistrust people have in their elected officials.

When the current PM talks about getting away from the lying style of his predecessor – who headed a government GG was very much a big part of – and then continues to do exactly as he claimed he wouldn’t why do they think the people hold them in such contempt?

So a Taff Indie MP Adam Price stepped in, there was an Early Day Motion – I have one of them, I’m quite regular boom, boom – and will introduce a Private Members Bill today, the 17th, now how will your MP vote?

Will they be to busy perfecting their English accent as they try and smarm their way into middle England’s affections by pretending to support the England rugby team in Paris on Saturday.

Or will they be crying into their packet of Werther’s Originals, cause their old mates don’t like them anymore and would prefer a short arse, ginga drunk (national stereotype) in charge so pulled the plug on the Stana stairlift.

Or will they be to occupied practising in front of the mirror “Love you babe”, smarm, smarm, don’t I make Bob Monkhouse look sincere.

Or will they be taking in their daily exercise, out on a heath somewhere meeting new people, or perhaps shacked up in their nicely funded shagging pads with new and interesting people.

Or will they be unavailable as they’re off on some jolly in the Maldives at the tax payers expense because it is important to find out what the effect of the M4 bus lane has on the mating habits of the Peruvian vampire bat.

Or will they be too busy looking up at their boss doe eyed to notice what’s going on, not bright enough to figure it out so they’re only really able to do as their told.

Or will they think that this is an outrage, having to tell the truth next you’ll be telling me I’ll have to disclose how come up with my expenses claim that the ordinary citizen pays for or I’ll have to stand in a queue like everyone else when I should be allowed to march straight to the front or god forbid I’ll have to pay for my own legal fees when funding frivolous claims because I’ve got a huge chip on my shoulder, which does get in the way of my champagne drinking.

Or will they sign up, knowing that it’s not going to get anywhere but it will make them look good to the suckers people that voted for them when they lie about their intentions when sucking up at the next election.

The thought of politicians having to be honest it’s too much for some people…

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