Made him an offer he couldn’t


So the Torre era ends with him turning down the offer of a one year deal for $5m with bonuses of $1m per playoff round.

So was Joe pushed, did he jump or did they go hand in hand?

Did the Yanks give him an out, they didn’t really want him back, he knew that so did they came to an agreement – we offer you something below what you’re getting currently for a short period, you decline we all walk away kind of happy.

That could be it but it would suggest Torre was happy to walk away and I don’t know if he would be, even with the crap he’s had to put up with from the front office guys over. Though maybe he’d just had enough and new if he stayed on for another year and things didn’t go well it would get worse.

The search now starts to find which ex-Yanks star named Don can replace Torre.

Bronx Banter has a good rundown of the runners and riders, I’d still go with Girardi, Donnie is still to inexperienced in managing though he was my favourite player back in the day and there’s still “the curse”. Don’t know if I could take to La Russa but having Dave Duncan as pitching coach would be not bad you’d reckon.

The thing is do you really want to be the guy that follows a successful leader, no you want to be the guy that follows the guy that followed the success. And there’s no doubt Torre was a success over the 12 years, but there’s a time to go and I think this was about that time.

Bye Joe and thanks for everything….

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