McClown and the F.A. summed up

in one trip.

The ridiculous decision for McClown to jet out on a jolly to L.A. to assess Beckham’s fitness ahead of the crunch Euro 2008 qualifier against Croatia.

Yes by watching Beckham play a charity match against Anthony LaPaglia’s Hollywood United, McClown thinks he can see if the useless show pony can add to his number of caps and help him get to that 100 he so desires but doesn’t deserve.

No doubt during the Galaxy’s 12-4 route of a bunch of old pros and “celebs” in which Beckham lasted 83 minutes, his longest stint on a pitch for his new club, McClown studiously took down notes on his little pad, which will help him figure out why he’ll pick Beckham for the squad later in the week.

This was nothing out of the ordinary, a routine trip say the F.A. an organisation that is penny pinching over a center of excellence sees nothing wrong in spending money to send MClown out there on this fact finding mission, no doubt it first class all expenses paid 🙄

Maybe he was sounding out for a new job as Galaxy have just lost their manager, though it would probably be even beyond McClown’s level in the sub-conference MLS. One wonders as it’s only a couple of months before Christmas, if his luggage was checked by customs when he flew back in and did he have a little more than the £145 worth of goods bought over there you’re allowed to bring into the country.

The fact McClown is even thinking of the useless ponce being in the squad in the first place is bad enough but this trip just takes it to a new level. Will we only have two more games, friendly against Austria and the last qualifier against Croatia to put up with this grinning ginga twat?

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