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the next Carry On…

On’s coverage of the NFL they asked the question on how would they cast the show for a film, it started out as who would play Mike Carlson then moved to the new bloke then those from the past and the US crews for Sunday and Monday night football.

First up I figured Carlson would have to be played by Walter Matthau circa “Charley Varrick” – still one of my favourite films – with the dark hair the saggy face and nose. But then I caught a moment of a Carry On film last night (Loving not exactly their greatest output) and you know how you’re mind wanders well…

Carry on Five NFL…

five :
Mike Carlson – Sid James
Nat Coombs – Barbara Windsor
Colin Murray – Charles Hawtry
Martin Bayfield – Bernard Bresslaw

John Madden – Hattie Jaques
Al Michaels – Kenneth Conner
Andrea Kremer – Joan Simms

Mike Tirico – Terry Scott
Tony Kornheiser – Peter Butterworth
Ron Jaworski – Jack Douglas
Michelle Tafoya – Patsy Rowlands
Suzy Kolber – Kenneth Williams

This Fan Banta spoof video made me laugh – unlike their Channel4 show.

Seeing a clip of a the original “Halloween” helped me out trying to figure who the Sux manager reminded me off after a certain series victory, really must have had far too much time on my hands that day.

Terry Francona the new Evil Empire
Terry Francona the new Evil Empire

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