Well they would say that

wouldn’t they file.

First up UEFA president Michel Platini has sounded cool about England’s bid for the 2018 World Cup.

Well he can’t been seen to be promoting one countries chances yet, until there’s only one candidate from Europe left he should be seen as neutral but you also know that he’s smarting after being bitch slapped by the clubs, lead by an number of English clubs, when he had to drop his proposed reforms of the Champions League.

Those expecting something different because there was now a “football man” heading the organisation instead of some little bureaucrat lawyer who had smarmed or bribed his way to the top, should really have known better. Footballer’s egos.

He also French and it has to be said with some of his witterings about trying to make the game almost non-contact, about who owns clubs and who is in clubs he doesn’t understand us or like us – though he used the latter point to have a go at Whinger – and so I can see him backing Russia or the Dutch/Belgium bid soon enough.

He is just now one of those odious Swiss based suits now, who haven’t helped the game over the years, doesn’t matter what he did on the pitch many years back and how scruffy that suit looks on him.

The others saying what is expected are those McClown has picked for the current England squad, all mouthing off that no matter what McClown has to keep his job.

In other words those that currently rely on the grinning ginga twat for England caps and could still rely on him after the weekend are saying nice things about him.

Yes the like of Phil Neville are looking at the situation only for the good of the national team, not because he constantly gets picked for squads when most right minded managers wouldn’t have him anywhere near. Stevie-G is saying McClown shouldn’t be sacked not because he fears the next man in the job will focus on the situation in hand and not at the star names, not because he might think well Gerrard you have done bugger all in an England shirt to justify that large collection of caps you have, an opinion I’ve seen growing lately even from a ‘Pool fan who said to me during Gerrard’s poor run of form for his club that it looked like he was wearing an England shirt. Gerrard’s desperation to play in the recent qualification matches was nothing more than fear that someone lesser light might come in and make Gerrard’s underperforming absolutely obvious, as happened when Barry came. Just like Beckham and the tears for himself after the last World Cup.

Then after Sunday the Jenas apologists were all going on about what a great game he had and how the new manager will get the best out of him, after he scored more than one goal for the first time – they conveniently miss out his stupid miss for the hattrick and he nearly missed the bundling the first one in.

It was Wigan, one of the worst teams in the Premier League, though not as bad as Derby the last team Jenas performed against – when the manager wasn’t Ramos. It’s got nothing to do with the new management it’s the opposition and their lack of a class, fight, ability and often a midfield that allowed Jenas to play.

That’s his level, playing well infrequently against the most pathetic opposition available. Unfortunately they don’t play Wigan or Derby every week, so when they are not playing Championship teams he will struggle, he can’t impose himself against classier or stronger midfields he will never run the game against top opposition. The level of his ability, lower league, if he does come up for sale come January – please god – these will be the type of teams interested in him, along with the likes of Fulham, ‘Boro, Reading you won’t find a top club willing to sign him and they will not come close to making back the £9million that clown Levy wasted on him.

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