is Stay-Rod?

That was a bit of an about turn by all involved, except of course Scott Boras who will no doubt try and spin his way at some point but will you feel be weakened when he next stumps up for negotiations with any team.

Peter Abraham over at LoHud has a good run down as to how it could have gone down between Rodriguez and Boras.

So can they all come out of this without losing face, A-Rod will yet again sign the biggest contract in the sport and the Yanks hierarchy can point to the fact he came cap in hand to them even if they did say they wouldn’t talk to a player who they said didn’t want to be a Yankee.

So all that talk of handing over all sorts of young players for the likes of Miguel Cabrera from the Marlins or would Lowell swap Beantown for the Bronx – though that might have only died down for third not first base – can be put on the back burner as the hot corner looks have been filled with a reasonable player.

It must have been the resigning of Posada that swayed his choice to return.

Or maybe he got wind of what was going to happen with Balco Barry (and his unfeasibly large head) charges of perjury and obstruction of justice and didn’t want the Bonds grabbing all of the headlines.

Ten years for $270/280 million well if Beckham can get close to that for five years then the best player in baseball has to be coming cheap.

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