Missed out on Led Zeppelin tickets

have no fear Channel 4 is here.

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones who were drawn from the rather large hat you would need for that many applications to get the 9,000 pairs of tickets to see Led Zeppelin’s “one off” appearance at the O2 Arena tonight for the Ahmet Ertegun tribute show, or didn’t have £83,000 to splash out and so weren’t down there yesterday to get fitted for your band there is a consolation.

Channel 4 will tonight show a Led Zep gig tonight, from Madison Square Garden New York on their 1973 tour.

Starting at 11:50pm and finishing at 12:20am.

Yup that’s right a whole half an hour, so with ads before during and after it’s going to be well short of an actual 30 minutes.

Now they say it’s July 27th date at that venue but the clips will be from “The Song Remains The Same” film/DVD which covered the three dates at MSG, looking at a recording of the following days gig (“The Effect Is Shattering…”) that lasts for just over 2 hours 50 minutes, so what can you fit in about a sixth of that. Well one thing you couldn’t is “Moby Dick” which is about 30 seconds short of half an hour, yes that’s right you could fit the whole of the drum solo into this broadcast.

“Dazed And Confused” that’s another out, how about two of the most famous tracks well “Stairway To heaven” and “Whole Lotta Love” together would mean there’d be no room for any ads part way through.

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  1. For those that missed the four songs – Black Dog, Misty Mountain Hop, Since I’ve Been Loving You and The Ocean – it’s repeated tonight on More4 again at 11:50pm. Just after the on BBC finishes.

    Just listening to a (not great) boot of the Zep 02 show, they sound pretty tight, strange as I was first put off them by Page’s sloppiness, Plant certainly not going fo the high notes.

    Setl list:
    Good Times Bad Times
    Ramble On
    Black Dog
    In My Time Of Dying
    For Your Life
    Trampled Under Foot
    Nobody’s Fault But Mine
    No Quarter
    Since I’ve Been Loving You
    Dazed And Confused
    Stairway To Heaven
    The Song Remains The Same
    Misty Mountain Hop
    Whole Lotta Love
    Rock And Roll

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