B.B.C. get something right


Was checking stats for this place when I noticed there’s quite a number of folks out there typing Mike Carlson’s name into Google etc.

One of the searches was for Mike’s name and the B.B.C. now I’ve previously posted when it was announced the Beeb had got this season’s free to air Super Bowl coverage that the first thing they should do was employ Mr. Carlson instead of handing it over to some yoof muppet or Gabby Logan, as ITV did.

So looking at the search result’s I noticed a column on the Beeb site about the Mitchell report by a certain Mike Carlson, say it is so Joe.

And there at the bottom…

Mike Carlson will be the analyst for BBC television’s coverage of the Super Bowl B.B.C.

My god, what happened the Beeb don’t do this type of thing, get someone in who knows what they are on about. I still shudder to think what fool they’ll be sticking him next to, somehow I can see the Carlson trademark humour and cultural references flying over a number of heads with blank stares. But at least he’ll be a suitable antidote to the dolts that will be calling the game as he especially is on Monday nights.

So many sports, so many commentators, so few good ones, Carlson is certainly top five with Sir Geoffrey of Boycott, Brian Moore, Jimmy Armfield and Chris Waddle. Blokes that know their game inside out, know what they’re on about and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

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