It’s never too late

Tesco Value Valentine's Day Card
Tesco Value Valentine's Day Card

to print off your card for tomorrow.

Looking at this sites stats for the last few days it seems there’s quite a number of people searching for these cards. The good old Tesco Value Cards valentine collection, all two of them, well every little helps.

So hopefully the fightback will continue tomorrow, cause everything I ranted last year still stands true today. The news on TV in this country is bad enough as it is these days, what with ITN just being a glorified advert for other crap ITV programmes and the Beeb being taken up with more and more “celeb” gossip we are on the slippery path to what passes as news over there.

Well on the plus side, don’t have to put up with Kerplunk anymore I mean who tunes into five for news 😯

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  1. For me everyday should be Valentine…So you are right, it’s never too late to print off the card, although just now I read this post :). Anyway, thank you for the info.

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