How do people manage when

their TV schedule is disturbed for one day?

They go into blind panic mode and start complaining left right and centre. “Oh my god my Saturday night televisual entertainment on one channel was disrupted for a whole night, how can I go on”.

A whole 124 people contacted the B.B.C. to whinge about the day being given over to the Six Nations.

Thankfully for once the Beeb has taken the common sense approach to this and come back to say basically – you might not like it but 15 million did, so sorry and all that but shut the fuck up you sad gits.

I don’t know what the rugby replaced, bar taping Harry Hill there’s not much I would even think of viewing on the main channels on a Saturday evening/night, but looking at tomorrow’s schedule it’s crap like The Weakest Link”, “Outtake TV”, the Eurovision Song Contest, the Lottery Draw – why does that need 10 minutes – and “Casualty” – is that crap still on, poor man’s “ER” and when you consider how bad that is.

So if not seeing this, mostly pre-recorded and so can be shown at anytime, rubbish ruins your day certain things should happen. Firstly you should be removed from the electoral register, you really shouldn’t be allowed to have a say in the most important workings of this country. Secondly forced sterilisation, the turd doesn’t role far away from the arsehole, we have enough cretins in this country you shouldn’t be allowed to produce more. Yes everyone has rights but the sort of people who campaign to have a fictional character freed from jail really have relinquished theirs.

Ah but they pay their TV license, yes as do the millions that watched the rugby the millions that couldn’t get to the games so benefited from a public service to show them. What public service exactly is provided by hours of crap soaps, crap “dramas”, crap “reality” shows, crap “talent” contests? Other than keep the mindless morons that watch the rubbish off the streets and in such a semi-comatose state so they are easily pleased with the latest piece of cheap crap programming fed to them.

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