R.I.P. Jeff Healey

Jeff Healey - Roadhouse Blues

who died yesterday.

One of the most unique guitar players you’ll, well I was going to say see, witness and a great bluesman and musicologist. He died yesterday aged only 41, losing a long battle with cancer that took his eyesight as a baby and had him undergoing treatment to remove the cancer from his legs and lungs last year.

Coming to most people’s attention in the Patrick Swayze flick “Road House” most people were taken aback by his playing style, with Fender (normally) Squier strat laid on his lap using all five fingers on his left hand to fret, a technique he developed when only three years old.

This led to his stunning debut album “See The Light”, which was easy to pick up – thanks to his appearances over here on TV at the time, as smug TV execs where happy to have this weird blind guy on even though it was music they wouldn’t usually touch with barge pole – which I did as soon as I could.

I bought the follow ups, “Hell To Pay” and “Feel This” as soon as they were released, they were good but not as strong as the debut in a way. The other thing was they weren’t as good as the live performances, Jeff always seemed to be more a live act than one on record.

So a sad passing just as he was getting back into recording blues rock after heading off in a jazz direction over the last few years, I had wondered a bit back what happened to him, think “Road House” had been on late one night well he was just about to release a new album “Mess Of Blues” and come over here to appear on “Later with Jools Holland”.

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5 Replies to “R.I.P. Jeff Healey”

  1. Thank you for that Big fella
    I hadn’t heard of Jeff Healey – so to speak – whooo, what a guitar player…
    Both your first suggestion & Gently weeps – unbelievable…!

    So, what has the almighty got against Guitar players…?
    Stevie Ray Vaughan, George Harrison and Now Jeff Healy.
    I sometimes think this life stinks…

    Q: who was the old rocker in a pale blue denim shirt playing guitar on the right of stage in Concert for George…?

      1. Thanx Tox
        This might not be the place for it as JH should as the the heading suggests: RIP
        But he will probably be happy to know that his memory is sparking off R&B blog addagio…
        I refer of course to the tardiness of my question…!
        But yes, Albert Lee is indeed the man who I saw playing from the opening moment – without it seems a break at all…
        AFL I knew anyway… and correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the huge drummer has passed over since too…?
        However, my further Q is: who did Albert Lee play for/with in his early days…?
        merci à vous

        1. If you mean Jim Capaldi he died a couple of years back.

          Albert Lee played with Chris Farlowe (Little Joe Cook) and the Thunderbirds then went onto Emmylou Harris.

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