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The Armando Iannucci Shows - Except for viewers in Scotland

Spurs in the UEFA Cup tonight.

Their last 16 game against PSV Eindohoven is live and exclusive on ITV except as Armando Iannucci puts it “Except for viewers in Scotland who have their own programme”…

BBC Scotland is broadcasting the Rangers UEFA cup match on Thursday 6th March and a decision was made here at stv to offer our viewers an alternative on stv on Thursday evening.

stv muppet

An alternative, why then when the Beeb are showing political programmes later on Thursday night are stv showing political talking heads as well, ah but they’re Jock talking heads not English ones, well English based ones anyway.

Why wasn’t the Carling Cup highlights shown, there wasn’t a football match on the Beeb at the same time.

Why do stv show the usual mindless pap they churn out when it’s exactly the same as the mindless crap the Beeb churns at the same time? Surely they should be offering an alternative. 🙄

So yes showing some old repeat is giving the viewers an alternative and nowt to do with typical parochial attitudes at all. Only surprise is it’s not in some shitkicker language.

Thank christ the return leg is on five next week.

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