Another signature pedal

Joe Satriani and VOX - Satchurator Distortion Pedal

but no stripes for the Satchurator.

An eagerly anticipated piece of kit from Joe Satriani’s teaming up with Vox.

The Satchurator is the most musical, most dynamic, multi-function distortion pedal I’ve ever played through. This little red box is a monster tone generator. Following my specifications without compromise, and adding design innovations I never thought possible, the VOX team has delivered exactly what I need for the stage as well as the studio: a distortion pedal that responds to my touch, and produces a big, natural, harmonically rich tone compatible with any guitar/pedal/amp configuration.Joe Satriani

Sounds like a decent piece of kit, the more switch, yeah sounds a bit Nigel Tufnel but a useful addition to a distortion box to give you that extra boost.

Will it give Joe’s signature tone, well there’s a hell of stuff goes into making that tone, 90%+ being the man himself so one pedal is doubtful. This is said to be the first in a line of Satch/Vox signature pedals with a wah meant be on the way as well and there’s one thing Vox do well it’s wah pedals and I associate Joe with the wah certainly more than Eddie Van Halen.

Following on from the Virage guitars Vox are coming out with some good looking stuff lately.

Also like the look of another manufacturer’s latest output the Line6 M13 Stompbox Modeler, bit expensive to get all those real boxes in on one board.

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