Have we got a video

Motorhead on the Young Ones Bambi

If anyone else asks that question, I’m going to stick their head through the window!

I felt like Vyvyan had done just that to me after I used the video to watch Ade Edmondson’s latest sit-com on ITV.

Taped it last week, forgot about it, remembered last night watched it and wished I hadn’t.

I didn’t have much hope to begin with, after all it was on ITV and their only contribution to the list of classic British comedy shows is still the sublime “Rising Damp”, one solitary bright spot in half a century of “On The Buses”.

And my worst fears were realised – dire doesn’t quite cut it.

Now as those that know me know I’m a rather big fan of his various other comedy ventures – can’t say I watched “Holby Shitty”. I still remember the first episode of the Young Ones airing and a certain moniker didn’t come out of fresh air. It was my favourite show, I knew all the scripts off by heart.

Who can forget on Motorhead playing “the Ace Of Spades” on “Bambi” – classic BBC it’s Wurzel’s solo so they close in on Phil Campbell who then takes over and it cuts to Wurzel who you just see about to finish off the solo and it’s straight back to Campbell, classic couldn’t have done it better if they tried.

And the recent reruns of Bottom on Dave, have been about the only decent thing worth tuning into recently.

Spudgun: What did Medieval people do before telly?
Dave Hedgehog: Oh, they probably had their tea, didn’t they?

Along with the live shows they’ve been showing, especially the corpsing by (p)Rik.

So if you do have a video do yourself a favour and don’t tape Teenage Kicks but if you do have your finger on the mute button for the daughter character her voice will make all the dogs howl in pain in your area.

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