When I heard about John Prescott

I, like many it seems, figured…

…christ this oaf just can’t get anything right can he.

Useless oaf John Prescott - bet he didn't chuck up that lot

From his struggles with the English language to his struggles with honesty, to the voters and of course his wife, to struggles with his socialist principles – which went out of the window as soon as winning and staying in power became a reality, more champagne with your pies John?

He does seem to struggle with things most members of the general public manage perfectly well, so at least it makes him a perfect politician.

If he was/is bulimic it would go to explain why he charged the British public £4,000 in food expenses but in return for that shouldn’t that tax payers expect at least a small amount of that vast mountain of food to reappear at some point and for him to show signs of that.

Looks like you had a real struggle with the disease John, a struggle to do it properly, carry it out to the last, a struggle to finish it off and do what makes it bulimia and not just eating very large amounts until you feel a bit sickly.

So John it is an eating disorder you have, it isn’t bulimia or anything that can elicit sympathy it’s good old “fat lying pig politician with snout in trough who has book to sell” syndrome.

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