That sounds like Indorock and

Tielman Brothers - Black Eyes Rock (guitar instrumental) indo rock live tv show

or Indoroll.

The Tielman Brothers from a Dutch TV show in 1960…

Can’t say my knowledge of the Dutch Indorock scene of the late 50s early 60s is that great.

My knowledge of Dutch music doesn’t go far beyond Golden Earring, Focus and the Van Halen brothers, Eddie & Alex, who were born in Holland and whose mother was Indonesian, so they could almost be classed…nah…it’s pure Californian that brown sound.

Anyway these cats can play and put on a show, that doesn’t quite seem of that age, and at a minute 30 seconds in that’s the probably the oldest footage I think I’ve seen of a rock guitarist playing harp harmonics, or Koto technique, as used by the likes of Tommy Emmanual and Eric Johnson – except of course he does the same thing from a show from Germany in ’59.

Wonder if he broke any necks doing that slide down with his foot, imported Les Pauls would cost a fortune back in them days.

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