You win some

you lose some.

Can say I really cared who won the Premier League title yesterday, like choosing between being drowned or poisoned as far as them two went.

Can’t say it was worth ManUre bagging another bauble just to see that bizarre celebration dance of Ferguson. Like a educationally subnormal two year old with rickets, it is very strange, suppose being happy just doesn’t come easy for him. Or indeed the site of Bobby “If you think he’s miserable, you ain’t seen nothing yet” Charlton wearing his chavy white ManUre jacket over his cheap looking suit.

Now you just have to figure that it was the Special One that lost Chelski the title, fell short by three points now if they had started better they would have cruised the league 😀

Robbie Keane and Tomas Pekhart model the new Spurs kit
Robbie Keane and Tomas Pekhart model the new Spurs kit

Have to say I was more happier with what happened at the bottom of the table.

Of all those facing relegation I wanted to see Steve “Mr. laugh a minute – must be a ManUre thing” Coppell and his bunch of pikey scumbag dullards going down.

Can’t say it’s out of any great love for Brum or Fulham, though I do like the managers of both teams, if not their fans and owners. Well at least the revenue for staying in the Prem should see Fayed clear o cough up the cash he cost this country. Always like Roy Hodgson as a manager thought he should have got the England job in the past, especially before the likes of Keggy.

But I couldn’t stand that other lot and the crap about them being people’s second choice team and how honest a bloke Coppell is. Even before Hunt went in on Cech, there was something loathsome about the bloke, what went before and certainly after showed what an “accident” that challenge on the Chelski ‘keeper was.

Was happy Danny Murphy scored their winner, he was criminally underused at Spurs, while he could run games for ‘Pool and Charlton with us he was left on the bench while Jenas ponced about and generally stank the place up, well it kept the chairman happy.

Unfortunately with his prominent place during the unveiling of the new Spurs Mansion billboard err.. kit – hasn’t Tomas Pekhart got a big head (pictured with Robbie Keane) – no doubt Jenas will be taking centre stage in another season of talking a great game which never materialises, except against the likes of next years Derby. How long can he live off the Carling Cup semi-final? Of all the players being talked about being shipped out by Ramos none have done more to deserve the boot than that waste of space. Hopefully a decent player like Modric or some new purchase will relegate him to the bench or a loan deal somewhere, can’t see anyone buying him, even next years Derby.

Now I just wish I had the courage of my convictions betting wise with Derby, beginning of the season I figured they’d go down with the worst record in the Prem ever. Nice bit of honesty from Paul Jewell.

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