It’s been a month and a half

Rich Goose Gossage Topps card 1982
Rich Goose Gossage Topps card 1982

totaling 40 games.

I got the All-Star ballot email ages ago and this is my first post about the baseball season. Even when the New Market Mallers were third in the five fantasy league – classic piece of benching the under performing Yunel Escobar who then had a cracking game costing me first spot – nothing posted. How could this have taken so long?

Well the last few seasons there’s been things to get it rolling, normally the Yanks doing badly, well they ain’t exactly doing great this season, 19-21, four and a half games out of the first place held by the Rays, who are 7 games over .500 for the first time in their existence thanks to beating the Yanks regularly but they do that every year it seems, and it was 8.5 games back this time last year and the playoffs were reached.

The pitching hasn’t been the greatest, using the kids Hughes & Kennedy didn’t exactly go to plan but isn’t that the case every season the patchwork starting rotation that we are told will be the downfall. Also by this time of the season Mo has blown a number of saves and it’s all talk about the beginning of the end for number 42 but this year perfect ten out of ten saves, 9 hits, 13 strikeouts and no earned runs in 16 innings. Until last night when his first earned run resulted in the Rays extending their unbeaten home streak.

I could have posted yesterday of course about one of my favourite old time players Goose Gossage, a member of the Bronx Zoo, complaining about the way Joba celebrates not being the Yankee way but I left that to those better placed.

Then of course last year we had A-Rod single handedly keeping the team afloat which is hard when you’re on the DL and no one seems to be picking up the slack.

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