Where to start with

last nights game?

Well start with nearly every other post about England games, it was just the same old stick from the same old suspects. Same bunch who have nearly all played n the Champions League final over the last few years struggling against against the exceptionally mediocre representatives from Derby, Rangers and Fulham.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Nothing has changed from Svennis through McClown to Fabio, just the comedy accent, though the latter’s command of the language is slightly better than the wally with the brolly.

Let’s just keep handing out caps to those that have repeatedly failed, one of these days they’ll gel and start playing like they do for their club, let’s keep picking them on the basis of their names or their clubs, especially if the name sells shirts to screaming girls in Asia, never mind if the player brings nothing to the team and hasn’t done so for more years than he ever did. Maybe he was just picked so he could receive that cheap tat looking trinket from Bobby Charlton for the 100 caps, still him and the thick stick probably probably like it knowing their taste.

Let’s just keep listening to the old players laud the captain of their old club with their red specs on when he added another cap to his long list without actually adding to his very small list of good performances. Actually look at the number of times he gave the ball away, look at the goal scored, one decent run but made by the pass, first touch was very poor and went the opposite direction he intended the the ‘keeper sold himself making things very simple, though it was a surprise he didn’t batter it over the bar.

Of course they also claimed a certain player could be captain because he’d matured after which he put in some stupid hot headed tackles and then gobbed off at the prima donna ref. Very mature, I suppose when the competition for the armband amounts to a crybaby with a very dubious record on and off the park, or a forgetful advert for the worst aspects of the game who tries to kick a wall and misses hitting a woman instead, then he has every chance.

You can really see why refs moved from wearing black, how can you be the center of attention in a dark kit, now in fluorescent orange or yellow, everyone can see you and that’s why they bough their tickets to watch the man in the middle 🙄

On the plus side certain fringe players showed why they should be on of the first names on the team sheet, when they came on and did more in a few minutes than the fat lump of lard they replaced did in fifty seven, while others again flattered to deceive doing about as much as the show donkey shirt seller they came on for. Maybe hitting the wall with a number of good free kick opportunities is what the boss is looking for on that wing.

Well most of the usual suspects have been left at home for the trip to Tinidad & Tobago, where the F.A. better put on a good PR job because if that last night was Cappelo’s strongest starting eleven and the one he’ll probably use for the World Cup qualifying campaign then winning over the old colonies will be needed as being the host of the World Cup will be our only hope of taking part.

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