The Domain Registry of America

are at it again.

Got a letter today, with a Jamaica N.Y. postage permit stamp, telling me one of my domains due for renewal soon – if you class 5 months away as soon.

Yes I’ve only got a short time to change my domain registrar and renew it with them.

Ah what an offer they are giving, only £20 for the first year, you save a generous fiver when you pay for two years and a whopping £35 for three years. How could I possibly turn that down?

It might have something to do with the fact at the current rate of exchange my registrar would give me more than a fiver change from a score for three years.

Oh and that it’s all a big scam that they’ve been pulling for some time now, as a Google search shows there’s a number of pages on there from the first half of the decade. And the Federal Trade Commission were doing them back in 2003. The NY post permit suggests this hasn’t hindered them much.

Now what to do with it? We’ll there’s a nice pre-addressed envelope, the address – 56 Gloucester Rd., Suite 526, London England SW7 4UB – apparently being a Mail Boxes drop in pick up place, that doesn’t have any markings showing where it came from but requires a stamp.

So post it without a stamp with a couple of sheets of paper in it maybe one with a message saying I hope you paid the postage for this expecting a nice pay day.

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