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Don’t know what the B.B.C. are up to with Test Match Special but it makes you think their trying to get more people to buy Sky so they can point to lower listening figures as an excuse to drop test match coveage.

How else can you explain the cretins they are giving the commentating jobs to. For every decent choice, Phil Tuffnell – who thought Scruffers would make a decent job at it? – there’s a Mark Saggers, Arlo White – best search term to find this site recently “Arlo White, why?” – and now Mark Pougatch. Three of the most irritating non stop wafflers about, is this a dress rehearsal to find an ideal replacement for that buffoon Blofeld?

But at least that muppet doesn’t repeatedly tell those that played at the top level how the game should be played. Lost count the amount of times that new addition to the cretin ranks Pougatch backtacked from his views once he’d been corrected by the likes of Sir Geoffrey, oh if Fred was still around that would be fun to listen to. And his repeated stories of being taken to Lord’s as a kid had the whiff of Tony Blair’s stints sitting at the Gallowgate end at St James Park watching Wor Jackie 🙄

So a dull final three days is made even worse by a commentating combination of Pougatch and Mike Selvey and his constant sniffing. Someone by him some Vicks and a box of tissues, cause that sniff, sniff, sniff, really grates, I really do dislike constant sniffers, so much so I have been known to let them know in the strongest terms.

I won’t start on that screeching bint and her insipid “views from the boundary”, except to say the logo on my mute button is wearing off.

Could also have done without the usually excellent Aggers going on and on and on about Flintoff returning. Don’t think he’d have made much difference against the South Africans, he didn’t the other year in a similar situation against Sri Lanka, bowling himself into the ground, he doesn’t really run through sides in situations like that.

Yes I would pick him for the next test, if Broad and Sidebottom are fit, it’s a direct replacement for Collingwood who realistically shouldn’t have played in this game. Is he only in the side because they don’t want to drop the one day captain? Ah five bowlers but that weakens the batting as Freddie’s batting isn’t what it should be but it is that any different from what you’re getting from Collingwood the way he’s played recently, even if he hadn’t got a dodgy one in this game does anyone think he’d have put up a decent score?

So Fred for Colingwood and I’d have Simon Jones in for Anderson. Jones does rip through teams, he can swing it both ways and has good pace and I’m sick of all the excuses and reasons made for Anderson. The latest one being he didn’t go for many this time round, lies, damn lies and statistics. The Boks didn’t need to score just stay in so they didn’t waft about at any of his usual wide or far too short rubbish. How many of his wickets have come from rank bad balls. Much like Harmison he puts in one decent match and lives off that for the rest of the series and beyond

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  1. What a twat you are – calling Blowers a buffoon! The guy’s a national institution – I suppose you hate Christmas and chocolate as well you absolute miserable fuckwit. Who the fuck do you suggest they get in?
    In fact, TMS is the reason less people are getting Sky – Why bother with the crappy commentary on there? Blowers, Aggers and CMJ are far more superior in knowledge and entertainment to the bollocks-spouting Boycott, Nasser ‘personality’ Hussain and Mark Nicholas.

  2. Why would I hate chocolate it’s a great substance unlike that odious buffoon Blofeld and the fact you soulnd like you’d like to suck chocolate off him negates your comment.

    Yeah Boycs talks bollocks doesn’t he the fact he’s done it at the top level unlike the buffoon and the fact most players that go to him for coaching improve means nothing when someone can wank on stuttering about seagulls, pigeons and buses for hours on end. 🙄

    I suppose you think Arlo White, Pougatch and the other new cretins on TMS are up there with your hero.

    Oh yeah Xmas sucks donkey bollocks which makes it just more bearable than listening to that waffling plum mouthed buffoon Blohard.

  3. I couldn’t give a shit about who they get in there; Blowers, Aggers and CMJ have commentating down to a fine art. I suppose you think they should just stick to commentating on the cricket do you? Yes because cutting out all those irreverent remarks and banter would really boost their listening figures – MORON! The vast majority of people tune in to TMS because of this style of commentary, not in spite of it. I expect you don’t like it because your neanderthal brain can only manage to parse the incessantly dreary whinging of Boycott and his limpet-like reluctance to engage in anything remotely approaching humour.
    Yes, I can see your reasoning – Boycs has done it at the top level. I suppose you think Beckham and Roy Keane should be on MOTD instead of Motson – they’d really give inspired and incisive commentary. Boycott, aside from being an appalling nationalist and a woman-beater, is a pig-headed, arrogant dickhead without any intelligence whose only value lies in steadfastedly refusing to anyone else’s point of view. Did you hear him bollocking on about how he was going to “have words with Pietersen” – A man ten-times the batter Boycott was. I hope KP turns round and tells him to fuck off. He was a boring cricketer and is a lacklustre commentator. If you actually bothered to listen, you’d hear that the TMS team run rings around him with ease whilst still managing to commentate on the cricket. Boycott and you should get married – you probably share the same myopic insensibilities to anything remotely entertaining.
    PS There goes Cook

  4. Yes I would like to know what’s happening on the field of play, that’s why I tune into THE CRICKET you muppet. Aggers, CMJ and Johnners before them manage to let you know while talking about other things whereas Blohard hardly bothers about what the people are really tuning in for. Christ he hasn’t got a clue who any of them are.

    If I wanted to listen about birds of the feathered variety I’d tune into that digital channel that broadcast bird call 24/7 (if it still exists).

    “is a pig-headed, arrogant dickhead without any intelligence whose only value lies in steadfastedly refusing to anyone else’s point of view.”

    In the words of Newman & Baddiel – That’s you that is.

    And the fact you think that Motson makes a good commentator really shows you know absolutely nothing. “Portsmouth think they’ve scored” – “that’s because they have John”

    You bring to blog comments what Beckham would bring to the commentating microphone. 🙄

  5. Poor old Sean, he didn’t half get his knickers in a self righteous knot, accusing me of deleting his precious comments when they were just sitting in the moderation queue, unbelievable I know but I had something better to do over the weekend than sit moderating tards, should be an Askimet type plugin for that.

    What little time I did have online I added a little blocker to see how far he’d go and sure enough he got another connection, probably a proxy to post more childish comments. Think I’ll go and delete them now 😀

  6. Well done- do you feel big and clever now? The irony of it all – calling me childish and then deleting my comments so you appear to have the last word.
    I love the way you try to casually suggest you don’t have much time online. Yeah, cause you sure do have a life.

    Delete this…
    Todos sabemos que tu eres el tipo de persona q pasa todo su tiempo delante del ordenador buscando sitios porno (probablemente gay) y que nunca tendras ni amigos ni novia porque tu feisima cara y tu aburridisima caracter dan asco a quienquiera te conozca. CAPULLO!

  7. Ah the wit and wisdom of a Blofeld fan, which amounts to coming on here at half four in the morning to say “your gay” (sic), what will come next? – “My dad’s bigger than your dad”.

    It’s a chicken and egg question – Do you have to be a tard to love Blohard or does loving him make you a tard?

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