Someone forgive them

Metallica - Death Magnetic
Metallica - Death Magnetic


Though they know what they are doing.

With the announcement yesterday of the track listing for the new Metallica – “Death Magnetic” – they are putting a new “Unforgiven” track on it and by the rules of diminished returns of sequels number III will be worse that II which was worse than I.

Full tack listing for “Death Magnetic” – At least the cover of this one (pictured) ain’t covered in spunk and blood.

  1. That Was Just Your Life
  2. The End Of The Line
  3. Broken, Beat & Scarred
  4. The Day That Never Comes
  5. All Nightmare Long
  6. Cyanide
  7. The Unforgiven III
  8. The Judas Kiss
  9. Suicide & Redemption
  10. My Apocalypse

Can’t say I look forward to the release of a new Metallica album the way I once did, it’s more a sense of hope – this album has got to be better than that last abortion, this time they’ll remember how it used to be.

Can’t remember how long after the release of “St. Anger” I stopped listening to it because it hadn’t grown on me and god knows the last time “Load” and “Re-Load” got an airing.

Well I think I signed up for “Mission Metallica” but don’t think I visited the site afterwards so don’t know how good or bad this disc will be. From the little I’ve heard and read it has solos and the drums don’t sound like Ulrich is banging on a dustbin and there’s the hope Rick Rubin will get rid of that overblown hair metal production of Bob Rock that helped the band suck so badly through the 90s. Couple of reviews read said they liked it but did they say that with the last few albums?

Release date looks to be the middle of September I think I can control my excitement 😉

In other “music” news I read that they’re trying to ban sad little kiddie emos and goths in Russia, now say what you want about about Putin’s puppets this is one good move, even Gormless Gordon could win plenty of votes by banning My Chemical Toilet, of course we’d have to find another way to separate the wheat and chaff.

2 Replies to “Someone forgive them”

  1. I quite liked St Anger 😉

    Actually, I much preferred the live “rehearsal” versions on the DVD that came with the album and I loved the fact that they did something so raw. I thought it was a brave move and some of the tracks on there (such as Some Kind of Monster) were actually very good. Better than ReLoad, but then, what isn’t?

    Looking forward to this album but Metallica really have been overtaken by the likes of Mastodon etc in the heavy music stakes. Still like them, though not as much as I used to.

  2. I duno I just found it a bit contrived, they all sat round and ticked off the boxes to get an album that would pay for Lars’ new pretentious wanker art collection.

    Bob Rock: Kids aren’t down with the solos these days.
    Lars & James: Tick, we’re still with it daddy-o.

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