It’s a good job Collingwood

was there to shore up the batting.

Those four runs could make all the difference in the end 🙄

A team that has struggled to get 10 wickets never mind 20 wickets on flat lifeless pitches find another one in front of them so drop the bowlers to bring back a bloke that doesn’t really bat, doesn’t really bowl and only seems to be in the side cause he can field but more importantly he’s a mate and a top bloke in the dressing room.

Want to strengthen the batting, move Broad up, play him as an all-rounder it would take the pressure off his bowling not being on the front line all the time if you make sure he isn’t expected to skittle them out. He’s got the class to take the batting position and would offer more with the ball than Collingwood ever has.

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  1. Good to see that when the job is on the line and a score could determine if they play test cricket again somehow they manage it, unlike when guaranteed their place in the Cosy Club and they don’t really have to bother.

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