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The Chinese State Circus Promo (Excerpts)

oh my god…he didn’t just do that did he?

While your whole body tenses up.

The Chinese State Circus was in town the other day and I got hold of cheap tickets – in decent seats, not the cheap ones that are right behind the back of the stage where I don’t know how you can see much – so went along and they put on a pretty good show for a couple of hours.

All the acts were excellent but the moment that really stood out was when the Monkey King introduced the young Shaolin, as he was doing so the Shaolin lifted his left leg behind his head which brought winces from most the blokes in the audience, just as we were all probably all thinking “I can’t watch this” and looking away he dropped to the floor with a thud…in the splits…bloody hell…

This pretty much brought the biggest gasp from the crowd all night, even more than with the young female contortionist. I’m sure even the screaming kids shut up for a second, which didn’t happen when the music cut off to heighten the drama when Wu-shu warriors had a couple of metal bars broken over their heads.

All in all a good piece of entertainment just make sure you don’t sit too close to a speaker because Chinese soft rock can’t half pierce your eardrums, oh and if you’re a parent who can’t control their kids prepare to be fleeced for some flashing plastic swords/sticks/rabbit ears that seem to have very little to do with what’s going on. Would be funny if they weren’t made in China as well.

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