It’s food for thought

The Gorilla will be Missed (Jol)

isn’t it.

I know it’s only four games into the new league season and that the Bundesliga isn’t exactly the strongest league in the world – Luca Toni highlights that fact – and that there’s lies, damn lies and statistics but there are stats that are relevant.

Stats such as points, goals for, goals against…well that last one is level so maybe the Hamburg don’t defend corners and other set pieces either…but the the two league tables make interesting reading…(click for bigger pic)

Premier League and Bundesliga tables
Premier League and Bundesliga tables - shows Martin Jol's Hamburg top while Spurs are bottom

There seems to be a lot of love around for Martin Jol again…did it really go away?

I love Martin Jol…Martin Jol loves me…Altogether now…

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