How bad do you have to be

to lose to Spurs?

As bad as the Toon are, well named 😀

At least the defence of the Carling Cup has got off to a better start than the league campaign, is Ramos really just another cup specialist? At least he put out a decent side last night with players playing in the right positions – except of course Jenas whose correct position isn’t on the green stuff 😉

Pavlyuchenko might kick on now after his first goal for the club, good to see O’Hara getting games but they still struggle to keep clean sheets.

Now to get above the Toon in the league and off the bottom of the table, away to Pompey at the weekend, is that a good thing or a bad thing after ‘Arry’s side have shipped 10 goals in their last two games.

Still it could be worse, could be owned by a Spurs fan who wants rid and is so eager to do so he replied to one of those Nigerian emails using the club as the advance payment to help get a load of funds out of Nigeria that were originally squirrelled away during the military regime.

And you can forget about the bookies slashing their odds on El Tel or Glenn getting the job, yes Ashley wants to get in all the Spurs legends he can but after employing Keith Harris to sell the club it can’t be long before a small green furry duck is in charge of first team affairs, that is until it’s found out he isn’t the new messiah and storms off in a quacking hissy fit.

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