New York Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina
New York Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina


Mike Mussina finally got that 20 win season last night, took him 18 years, a few close calls and he’s the oldest to do it for the first time but it’s in the record books now and no one can take that away from him.

Thankfully for him I didn’t name my fantasy team after him after the effect it had last year, didn’t even get him in for the last game just in case the TWKoD took hold.

Peter Abraham over at LoHud has the postgame interview with Moose. Will it be the last time he’s seen on the mound in the majors? The way he’s talking if the Yanks don’t ask him back then chances are that’ll be that. Not a bad way to bow out with your first 20 winner but would he have given that up for postseason ball and the chance to get a ring?

Well it’s one bright spot on an otherwise depressing season, so bad that this will be only the third post in the baseball category during the season 😯

If Moose isn’t back, he won’t be the only one, you got to figure there’s going to be a shifting of personnel in and out of the club in the off season. We might have seen Andy Pettitte for the last time in pinstripes after a bad end to the year, thankfully the lesser spotted Pavano shouldn’t be around he’ll be taking up a hospital bed somewhere where they’ve forked out a big wad of cash for his services. Will they be looking to off load the likes of Melky and even Cano after both slumped badly, if so not exactly the best time to try and get rid.

The Giambino won’t probably be around at first, a loss to the club because of his personalty, always kind of liked G, came across well in the interviews he did for channel five over here. Then there’s Abreu, will he brought back, there is a consistency to his game with the end of season figures, just gets a bit streaky when it’s cold.

And then there’s all the talk of who will come in, ah the dream team CC, Tex etc etc…

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