There’s an elephant in the room

everyone can see it except those wearing red tinted specs…

…oh and an older Italian gentleman.

After performing like a team against Croatia with players knowing where they were to play and how to play in their roles, getting a great result with one of the best performances by an England team in some time why would anyone change a thing?

Why would you introduce a player, who hasn’t done anything in an England shirt to merit being automatically brought straight back, change the formation just to accommodate this player, resulting in other players being out of position their presence being wasted in a thoroughly disjointed display? Why would anyone do this when the result was bleeding obvious before hand and why would anyone when they’d figured out what was wrong with the formation would they bring off the wrong player and leave on the individual that is the cause of the problem to begin with?

Why have successive England managers, since Sir Alf who sadly also succumbed, looked at the name first and then what they bring to the team second? Fabio Capello it’s over to you.

On paper it looks like a great win, five scored, one conceded and another three points towards qualification for the 2010 World Cup. It was extremely flattering, as England never really broke down a team that are ranked 131st in the world but were gifted goals by a poor ‘keeper, bit of a dodgy defence and a youngish team that ran out of steam after giving all they had in the first half. Hell they were so out on their feet even Beckham managed to skin their fullback.

Extremely flattering for both team and manager. Oh the great tactical switch at half time, he saw things were wrong and made all the right moves. Bullshit.

He created the problem to begin with bringing Gerrard back in, there was no need to do it yet again completely disrupted the team, resulting in Rooney being used wide left, completely out of the game. Now that is something you don’t want for two main reasons, first what’s the point of one of your best players not seeing the ball and when he does having it in place he can’t do maximum damage and secondly when he’s not in the action he is going to get in a rage and do something stupid. Oh he plays there for ManUre bleats the Italian, yes and they went and spent over £30m to sort that problem out, christ even Fergie figured it out in the end.

Ah but Capello changed things. Yes he did realise his error, would still bet he’ll err again at some point, bringing on Wright-Phillips on the left was the right thing to do but it should have been done earlier than half time and he shouldn’t have replaced Barry. The little winger comes on for Gerrard the team is then balanced and organised, each player knows their role and they’re not getting in each others way. Lampard and Barry work well together in the centre of the park, Gerrard doesn’t work with anyone but then why would he bother trying he knows no matter what he’ll get handed his shirt and another thoroughly undeserved cap.

Will it be something Capello has figured out by Wednesday when more discipline is required against a technically more superior Belarus side? Not holding my breath. Will he also figure out the defence is still a bit of a shambles, if Upson is a quivering wreck against this lot on Saturday then there’s no hope for him, that Brown gives you nothing but shaky moments around his own box and even less going forward and as for Cole, well will he be missed midweek?

Not by certain section of the fans who quite rightly booed him on Saturday. Christ there wasn’t half some self righteous hand wringing over that by the freeloaders who not only get into games for free but are funded by the tax payer to do so. I’m just waiting for them to claim it was all racially motivated.

The most stupid thing I heard was “why would you pay to boo your own side” not realising it’s because the fans have handed over their hard earned cash that they boo when someone who has no regard for the fans lazily just boots a ball away for someone else to deal with, someone who is so lazy that even though his working life is based on kicking a ball he’s never bothered to learn to do so with his right foot.

So Cashley Cole has a great number of caps, that’s the other piece of rubbish I heard to support him, how many have seen him do something equally as inept, I didn’t see how Capello acted when the Kazak goal went in but I bet he wasn’t all smiles and pleasantries as it was only 2-1, has he never got angry at a player. Performers have been booed by the crowds through the ages no matter who they were but god forbid those nasty oiks should have a go at a footballer who screwed up, who cares if they paid to get in that gives them no right.

Cole is a scumbag with a history in the game that gets up the nose of most fans, a prime example of a “do you know who I am” individual, he wasn’t booed because of that or it would have started with his first touch, he was booed after making a stupid lazy error, it’s something a player like him needs otherwise he’d just carry on making such errors. He is not the type of player who is going to learn by his screw ups being applauded, he thinks he can get away with everything in life, mainly because so far he has, he needs to be shown otherwise.

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