Again you damn right, I’ve got the blues

From my head down to my shoes.

Yahoo have a Live Set of Buddy Guy playing the blues the way only Buddy can, wringing it not only out of his signature Fender Strat but also a Jerry Jones Coral Sitar.

There’s seven tracks “Little By Little”, “Out Of The Woods”, “Best Damn Fool”, “Who’s Gonna Fill Those Shoes”, “Show Me The Money”, “Skin Deep”, “Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues / Going Down / Use Me Up” along with two Q&A sessions with Buddy and bizarrely one with The Pretenders 😕

You can watch them straight through, with of course Yahoo and Nissan adverts butting in at the beginning and end of each song but it’s a small price to pay to watch a master at his trade.

See the rest of the gig at Yahoo Nissan Live Sets

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