They got SPOTY

almost spot on this year.

Chris Hoy was the just winner of the B.B.C.s Sports Personality of the Year award last night. Not that I voted on it mind.

Yeah Hamilton must be a bit gutted as the last couple of British Formula 1 champions got the award, Damon Hill and the charismatically challenge Brummie Nigel Mansell but the youngster only just squeaked the championship in a sport that’s dipped in popularity since those last two were racing.

And that’s the thing Hamilton just one the title, had to rely on someone making the wrong tyre choice where as Hoy completely dominated his sport. There was no he could just finish fifth and be champion, he had to win and he did so in such a commanding manner, he destroyed everyone he was up against. In sport there isn’t a sure thing but during the Olympics the big Jock certainly looked like it.

Yes it’s hard to see a Jock win, but at least it wasn’t that weirdo Murray, and Hoy did piss on Alex Salmond’s chips when he mentioned it his success was achieved with money that didn’t come from Jockland.

And I noticed he didn’t say “you know” at any time during his acceptance speech.

I would have also placed Rebecca Adlington above Hamilton in the final positions, probably the only thing they got wrong major awards wise on the night – though who were the 7,677 who voted for Ohuruogu, must have a big family with a hefty phone bill. Lewis was expected to win in his sport, for some time now, where who expected a a female swimmer from this country to come home from Beijing with a gold medal never mind two.

The coach and team awards were spot on as well going to the cycling camp, I could see the Beeb bottling it and handing one of them to ManUre or the blue nosed whinge bag that manages them.

But they had their moment as that miserable bastard Bobby Charlton almost managed to crack a smile on getting his lifetime achievement award.

The main thing the Beeb got wrong on the night was the pairings to announce and hand over the trophies, they got it arse about as they seemed to pick the illiterate one to announce it and the weaker looking of the pair to carry the trophy.

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