The credit crunch

Tesco Value Xmas Card
Tesco Value Xmas Card

you can really tell it’s taking hold.

By the the things people searching for on teh interweb to end up at this place.

Yes there’s the usual lot for Ronnie Barker’s “Four Candles” and “Mastermind” sketches, still the bizarrely high number for Bingo from the Banana Splits, the increasing number for AIS scams, with a new addition of “Oh sod it! The bloody thing’s stuck again” from the Clangers.

But the number one search term is for “Tesco Value Cards“, now round this time of year the number does go up but not to these levels and it started very early this year. So click the link and print it out and figure to yourself, well it’s the thought that counts.

A big thanks Gordon, it’s a good job you were such a good chancellor and are now such a great leader of this here country.

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