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You better have kept that Valentine’s Day Tesco Value Card you downloaded before the 14th, as I posted about last week there was quite a number searching for them, with Gormless Gordon too busy making sure the bankers all get their tax payer funded bonuses and making sure it’s British workers for British jobs – well Scottish bankers for the jobs that saw them destroy the institutions with centuries of trust – to help people afford actual cards from actual shops.

Because Tesco have got the lawyers in and you all know that that means – the end of fun.

Dear everyone.

Unfortunately, Tesco© have forced me to take the site down. As i’m saving up to go on holiday, I can’t afford a big legal fight.

Thank you all for your support, we had over 40,000 downloads for the cards, and we loved your emails.

Big shout out to Ricksta, who had the vision many years ago

Lots of love

James Tesco Value Cards Site

Was it hurting Tesco? Did it have a major impact on the £3 billion profits they are expected to rake in during 2009? Were the site owners profiting from the supermarket’s name and products? Were they copying products that were actually for sale? Was it damaging Tesco’s brand?

Or was it just a bit of harmless fun?

It’s all fun and games until the lawyers get involved.

2 Replies to “Tesco Value Legal”

  1. Tesco can kiss my choffs. Not necessarily for this reason but they’ve demolished one of our local pubs to make way for a Tesco petrol station.


    Also, as supporters of our local, independent businesses we’re not going to be using any Tesco until further notice.

  2. Aaaand relax, of course nowt to do with the pub owners who took a nice wedge for selling up 😉

    You have local businesses, how strange, our high street is just charidee and pikey pound shops.

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