The QI Elves

Cutest-Ever Baby Easter Chicks - up close and personal!

are trawling the web so you don’t have to.

Don’t know exactly how it’ll fit in with the next series of QI, onto “G” next isn’t it, but a tweet from the QI Elves – the qikipedia – caught my eye the other day…psychedelic chicks…

Brought back memories from right on 10 years ago when I first saw little critters like these.

The guy who started the school I was attending at the time used to live in the back of the lot the school is housed in South Phoenix. He would come down pretty much every day, normally with some sort of grub to hand out – bananas, why not, croissants and bananas, yeah that sounds good, croissants and bananas and Chimichangas, think I’ll pass today Juan thanks – to have a chat and to pick up his mail. The ravages of time had caught up with him but he was a great old bloke was John.

And he got sent some bizarre stuff but this was the strangest, an Easter gift of a box full of, the above styled, multi-coloured chicks.

I am surprised he never actually handed them out to the students at the time, don’t know what happened to them, but it wasn’t long after that a hand full of us were in on a Saturday when one of the instructors came in and asked if we’d seen the old guy, no we hadn’t, we were then told he’d been found beaten badly in a pool of his own blood out in his trailer. He was still alive, just, we all charged out to have a look for any perpetrator but they were long gone.

It wasn’t the greatest part of town to be based in, the number killed in the drive by a block down on my first day there pointed to that, but Juan Roberto was an independent old bugger and missed by those who attended the school that bore his made up name.

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