Just a minute it’s not

supposed to go like this.

Nah it wasn’t meant to start off this season worse than it did last, at least that lot that finished third in the AL East last year had actually won a game by now, not lost the first two straight to the birds from charm city.

It’s time for a classic Yankee fan “what have you done for me lately?” 😀

I don’t care if you went 5-0 last April, Wang, this is this April and we ask one thing of you sink that ball and you can’t even mange that, it ain’t going to be a 161-1 season then. If they lose tonight they could go for a 114-48 like 1998, which had a happy ending after all.

Added to all that it’s bugger all points from another starter in my fantasy team, three starts so far combining for 0 wins, 14 innings and a whole 3 Ks. 😕

It is only two games in, Burnett tonight I don’t have him on my roster so that pretty much guarantees a good outing with a big fat W at the end.

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