How did it come to this

from worst start ever to clean sheet records?

Take note ‘Arry making the right pre-season choices does help, just think what could have happened if the Baggies hadn’t let a proven goal scorer go in the summer. I’m thinking he may have put away at least one of the openings West Brom had on Saturday and Spurs wouldn’t have been on the right side of yet another 1-0 scoreline.

When you watch the Albion you think if only they had a goal scorer and a decent pair of defenders then they would be able to play the style of football the manager craves while staying in the top flight. And when I heard Phillips had slotted another one away for Brum in their promotion clincher yesterday I thought thank god he wasn’t at the Lane the day before. It was his 14th of the campaign and yes it is in a lower league but it’s still just one less than the Baggies top three league scorers put together.

Who knows of course Gomes could have got one of those extendable arms to everyone of Phillips goal bound efforts as he did with those he did actually face.

But if he had found the back of the net Spurs wouldn’t be going into the final home game against Citeh on a run of six straight clean sheets at home needing to restrict them to one goal to break the record for least goals they’ve conceded at home in the league.

And to think it was all about the worst start to a league campaign ever for them not so long ago, what was it ‘Arry something like 2 points, 8 games? But then again wouldn’t some prefer to have seen a 4-3 game at the weekend?

So ‘Arry think on, make the right choices during the summer break, that means no Downing, no Jones, no selling Lennon even if you get ManUre or Pugwash to cough up a bundle after a bidding war, but of course you can let Jenas go to Inter even though he scored the winner here and it could mean Muntari moving in the opposite direction.

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