Next year’s World Cup is going to be

unwatchable by this evidence.

I’ve only tuned into the standard World Cup warm up competition the Confederations Cup currently running in South Africa on the odd occasion.

A few reasons for that, some of it is on the “red button” so easy to forget as I’ve no interest in the teams taking part, I can’t stand any of the commentators I’ve heard so far, it’s bad enough having to sit through Gaby Logan but to then have to put up with the dolts at the microphone along with Martin Keown – who seems to be competing with Donkey Adams for the biggest dullard ex-footballer to appear telly award – and worst of all Mark “yes” Bright and his Norman Collier impersonation.

But all that isn’t bad enough, what’s worse is none of them do an adequate job of drowning out that constant droning monotonous buzzing sound, you know the one like the effects mic is being gang raped by a bunch of very narked killer bees.

Yes the dreaded vuvuzela.

It’s put people off from the viewing public to the players on the park, even in stadiums with great swathes of empty seats. Ah but it can’t be banned because it’s part of the tradition of South Africa. No that’s not right, it’s plastic, nothing plastic has any place in tradition, like plastic fans. In a continent that many regard as the birth place of man, history and tradition goes quite a long way back, some plastic toy that started out less than twenty years ago is not history or tradition or part of any heritage.

And if it is blown to show support for the team and urge them on, how exactly does that work because they all sound the same.

By all means allow it into the games involving the host nation but for christ sake ban it from the rest of the tournament. But then they might not have to, as I heard mention the tickets for the Confederations Cup were three times the price of normal game tickets out there, so what chances come the real thing next year that FIFA will price out the local football fan.

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