Zombies: Everybody wants some

Zombieland Trailer #1

baby how about you?

Now I like my fair share of zombie flicks and I’m automatically attracted to flicks when they use a classic Van Halen track, such as the second track from their third album…

…”Everybody Wants Some!!” from “Women And Children First”, great intro, great drums, great guitar, great tone, great bit of Diamond Dave sleaze, great track.

So Zombieland, well will it be as good a zombie film as those of the master George A Romero? As a ZomCom will it be a patch on “Shaun Of The Dead”? Are all the best bits in the trailer?

I like….
I like the little way the line runs up the back of the stockings
I’ve always liked those kind of high heels, too, ya know I…
No, no, no, no don’t take ’em off. Don’t take…leave ’em on
Yeah, that’s it…a little more to the right…

…Look, I’ll pay ya for it, what the fuck?

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