But will Fabio learn from


It’s doubtful that the England manager will take on board what he saw last night in Holland, as his side came back from two down to draw 2-2.

After all he’s claiming that that the two errors which led to the two Dutch goals were just freakish errors, he’ll probably go along with the party line about the season hasn’t started and the players are rusty.

Turning a blind eye, always helps doesn’t it but then he’s been turning a blind eye to a lot. Ferdinand’s error for Kuyt’s opener was no out of the blue incident, he is guaranteed to stick in at least one lazy ball per game gifting the opposition a gilt edged chance, so far he’s been lucky he’s got away with it. There’s all this talk of the Ferdinand of old, no it’s just the standard version, he is lazy, just look at the effort or lack of to make up for his mistake, mincing back and not bothering as Kuyt tried his best to screw it up.

The same happened with the second Dutch goal as Ferdinand ambles back not bothered about even trying.

Both goals created out of complacency. Ferdinand knows he doesn’t have to bother he’ll be handed his shirt every game, just as he was here after missing a number of the last few internationals. The problem being that during his absence none of the understudies stood up and claimed the place, Lescott and Upson just don’t look England class.

Barry has also regressed game by game when he’s been reassured of his place in the starting XI, last night being his worst game by far. Comfort does not create a good England side.

I’ve backed Ashley Young for the left hand spot for sometime now, given a great chance last night to grab it with both hands he failed yet again. The main problem being he doesn’t play in an England shirt the way he does for his country, the way that got him in the national side in the first place. I wonder if one of the problems is at times he shows to much deference to the high cap numbers in the middle, coming inside to pass to them when they shout for it rather than bombing down the wing. At Villa he knows he’s the best attacking option with England he’s too scared to think it.

He should take note at the way Milner – another I’ve said should’ve been in there for a while – took his chance, finally after a record number of U21 caps. At last someone got down the line to the byline, banged the ball across the 6 yard box and hey presto the Defoe’s equaliser…

…it’s not rocket science.

The whole second half, two England goals in particular, will Fabio turn a blind eye to that. What was it all about, keeping possession and doing it all with pace. Did England miss Beckham in that second 45? Not one bit.

As retarded commentators wanked themselves about him running the game they failed to notice him repeatedly giving the ball away, his useless service to the front pair and the Dutch players flying past him as if he was stood still. He wasn’t, he was trying to run it just doesn’t happen anymore, it’s a pace that works in the US and Italy. Glen Johnson didn’t particularly have a good game but he wasn’t helped by the fact no one helped him, neither Beckham or Ferdinand, until Wright-Phillips came on. Another who didn’t really take his chance, he runs so well with the ball until he loses confidence and trips over it just at the moment he’s caused panic in the defence.

Will Heskey and Rooney automatically start the next game or will Defoe and Cole who looked a far better striking pair be given the chance. Rooney had an open goal, he was on the right hand side of the net and missed far to the left, Defoe well he did this…

…pace again is everything.

Admittedly as I said the starting front pair had useless service as England kept giving the ball away and Heskey just flicked on all those aimless inept long balls from Ferdinand to no one. I never thought Carlton Cole would work at this level but he played the big fella up front row exceptionally well, linking far better with those round him and actually controlling the ball when it was played up to him.

Lampard was anonymous, the goal made saves but still doesn’t inspire any confidence, Cashley found out again in defence offered nothing going forward. Carrick didn’t do much worth talking about. All the spammers crowing about their players on the park in England shirts, well the two that are there now didn’t come through the spammers system, those that did couldn’t wait to leave. Feeder club.

Defoe, Cole, Milner all took their chances but what chance they’ll even be in the squad never mind ahead of Fabio’s favourites

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