Still, I learned some things

I understand the value of some players against this sort of team better now.

So said Fabio after the pathetic little FA beano in Qatar in which the England fifth XI humiliated by themselves without Brazil even bothering.

The question has to be if he’s such a great coach, as those that marvel at the qualification campaign and genuinely believe England have a chance in South Africa – mainly because it’s not going to be as hot as usual World Cups – why has it taken him so long to figure out the players he “will not single out” are not up to the job, when everyone else can see it a mile off?

Why did he give yet another chance to a bunch of players – Jenas, Lescott, Upson, Brown, Wright-Phillips, Bridge, Bent – who are deer in the headlights when facing the likes of Andorra. A bunch overawed by just being in an England shirt have no chance against a nations shirt that they worship, even if those that fill it aren’t exactly the greatest XI Brazil have put out. A talented but functional side, European as those in their homeland see them, no real samba superstars on show to dazzle. Would Kaka really be talked about in those tones if he wasn’t Brazilian?

Jenas it has to be said isn’t scared of shadows as some think, how can he be when it’s his main aim on a pitch to be one. Unfortunately for him all those in yellow didn’t require a shadow and did their best to stay as far away from him as possible, they’d obviously heard of the fate befallen Palacios of late and just figured being close to him could have the same debilitating effect. Thus Jenas was fully exposed for the full 90 minutes as he wandered around the centre of the pitch. Oh look an actual break by England, they’re up the pitch at the Brazil box, where is Jermaine? That’s him there sauntering in the centre circle, oh look he’s actually entered the opposition half, well done lad. The supine crowd didn’t help him either as the lack of any atmosphere meant you could quite clearly hear Fabio shout and scream at him. Fabio didn’t have to single out this player the look of disgust on his face when Jenas failed miserably with a free kick that went for a goal kick was the picture that painted a thousand words.

But Fabio didn’t learn did he really, after all it was obvious to everyone before the game never mind at half time that Jenas shouldn’t be out there yet he stayed on all the game. It could be a bit frosty in the Spurs dressing room though after Huddlestone did his best to show up his “team mate” in the few minutes he was on the pitch as he actively sought out the ball, getting in space and calling for possession. Whereas Jenas actively hid from it and when caught out by those passing to him got rid as soon as possible, usually backwards and in a state of panic.

Some Spurs fans still think he’s the answer just because Fabio picks him and Mourinho chose him for a fantasy team. Fabio would pick Downing if available and the other is a fantasy team for christ’s sake.

Darren Bent, poor old Dazza. Confusion reigns in Darren’s head and it shows with the confused look on his poor face. He didn’t get any service really but what he did get showed him up for the level of player he is. When he wasn’t offside, or hiding behind a defender, he touched the ball 11 times, 10 of which were useless.

If I keep going and do my best then no one can doubt me. Darren Bent

Yes they can Darren. Andy Cole scored a number of goals for his club but nobody really believed he was an international striker much like nobody believes you are Darren. There’s only Steve Bruce – he has to talk you up as your club boss – and Llewellyn Charles “Alan” Curbishley and Curbs looks as befuddled as you do Darren. Everyone else doubts you Darren, even Fabio after that. I mean where the other useless lot stayed on til a few minutes to the end he only gave you an hour.

Was it the most confused looking England side ever to start a game? I mean that back four look bemused at the best of times. Maybe they are just startled by the fact they were getting a game, knowing that they aren’t international standard. Wes Brown as done very little right in an England shirt, the Phil Neville of his age, oh look which club he plays for I must pick him says England boss. Lescott and Upson, just what you need a pair of confused ditherers in the centre to go with the two either side of them. Bridge exceptionally lucky to have Milner willing and able to cover for him. If Woodgate stays fit and Lescott and Upson are in before him there’s something really wrong.

Wright-Phillips, did he require another game to work his way out of World Cup contention, surely he’d done enough already, constantly running into opponents and losing the ball.

Milner is the only one fighting for his place that came out of the game with much credit, and that is a sad sign that those unsure that they will be in the final squad didn’t actually fight to get in when given a chance. Maybe those on the bench would have put up more fight as Huddlestone did but they weren’t exactly given much chance to shine, if any.

Is this a trait Fabio shares with Svennis, neither seem that inclined to give the lesser lights much of a go as it could mean having to make a choice between a big name, big club, Fab Fav and a nobody. And Fabio doesn’t want someone creating that kind of problem for him better just leave the failures on the pitch to see out the game.

Ah but it was the fifth XI for England and Brazil weren’t missing many of their main players. Yes that is true but would it really matter if the rest of Fab’s Favs were available to play? Would they have retained anymore possession with Ferdinand’s humps up the park, Gerrard’s glory balls or Beckham’s stunning crosses that miss everyone? Would they have been more secure in defence with dithering Cashley and Ferdinand poncing out of blocking shots? Would they be any quicker on the break with Beckham and Lampard chugging up the pitch at full pelt?

Or would Brazil have had to just move out of first gear into second and still cruised to victory.

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